I love the name Wonder Blog for several reasons.


First, I love Wonder Woman.  I mean I don’t know her personally but I wish I did.  And I love the idea of her…a strong powerful woman with an invisible plane, kick ass boots, bullet repelling cuffs, a truth telling golden lasso, and a super amazing way to change clothes…just turn around in a circle!  What’s not to love?  Plus, she fights villains and stands for honesty, kindness, and female power! Kapow!  


Second, I love the word wonder….the way it rolls around on my tongue.  Just saying it.  Wonder, wonder, wonder.  


Third, I love that when I say the word I immediately imagine looking around and seeing the wonder in everything…the vibrant red leaves on a Japanese maple tree, the twinkle in my partner’s eye, the sun glinting off the ocean, the delicious taste of wonder-ful chocolate in my mouth…mmmhmmm…


Those are just three reasons and there are a lot more.  However, as my left brain enjoys lists, numbers, and conciseness…  I want this Wonder Blog to embody those aspects of me…the left brain, child welfare lawyer, linear side and the right, more free-flowing, groovy, artist side as it will help me to write in a way that’s more me.  Hence, three reasons for why I love the word—and concept of—wonder.


AND…more than this being about me…it’s about YOU!   Or else I’d just be writing this and keeping it in my computer.  (Which, frankly, maybe you think I should have done.  But in case you think otherwise, here are some more words and my introduction…)


What is the Wonder Blog going to be about?  A place for you to stop for a moment, relax, and take a breather….a place to visit with a cup of tea, coffee, or wine.  And maybe pull out some crayons and paper.  Or just sit and enjoy.  It will be about fun & whimsy, art, Intentional Creativity and inspiring quotes, movies, & books. It will have real life tools and tips for self-care and interviews with people who have taken my workshops & inspire me. People who work daily to bring a little more light and love into this world a little bit of wonder.