Discover What Healing the Healer Trainings Can Do For Your Organization…

You may be saying, “Seriously? I don’t have time to add something non-essential to my to-do list!” Indeed!

So start by taking a deep breath with me….

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You are the social workers, therapists, attorneys, doctors, nurses, teachers—the healing and helping professionals who are busy doing the work you love to help others live healthier, safer lives.

You are also worn out, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and, frankly, exhausted.

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What you need is something that actually works to help you to get back in touch with why you were originally driven to do the work.

Intentional Creativity™ does just that…  In a playful and nurturing way, it works on cognitive, emotional, and nervous system levels.  It is designed to relax the nervous system and increase the ability to focus so participants can feel reinvigorated and more peaceful, and get back in touch with their love and passion for work.

And this is so important in fields where we are treating and caring for each other.


The reality is … over time, the effects of constant overwhelm can build up and lead to secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout.   And what is the result?   Symptoms like stress-related illnesses, cynicism or anger, impaired judgment, and depression, to name just a few.  You may even feel compelled to leave the profession you love just to maintain your health.

Making critical decisions are often a key part of a helping professionals job. Your self-care is an integral part of work — to help support vibrant health and ensure safety and well-being in the workplace and at home.


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Many organizations are now recognizing STS, compassion fatigue and burnout happen more readily in the helping professions.

Although some organizations even offer workshops to address the issue, most trainings address the issue from a purely cognitive approach and often devolve into hopeless explorations of how hard it all is.  That leaves you feeling worse rather than better.  Most recommendations for self-care are also supposed to be implemented on your own time when you get home from work – when you are over-exhausted and do not have the time or energy, as you must tend to the realities of everyday life.

In contrast, Intentional Creativity workshops provide self-care in the work environment, focusing participants on positive, healing, and compassionate emotions.   And it works!


“An exclamation point at the end of the sentence doesn’t make it true!  How do you know it works?” you might be asking, eyebrows raised, dubiously.

Well, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak!  Those who have taken the Intentional Creativity workshops describe the positive impact.  They often started the workshops feeling tired, overwhelmed, and stressed.


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Afterwards, they felt rejuvenated, peaceful, calm, relaxed, centered, hopeful, and able to do their jobs with renewed love and enthusiasm.  They were able to gain insight and access creativity, joy, and happiness.   When taking the training in the work place, they noted feeling more valued and appreciated by their employer.

The impacts are long lasting, too.  Participants have explained that the workshops changed their approach and perspective at work and home – helping them to focus on caring and nurturing as a priority to ensure a healthier quality of life.  Some noted they were contemplating leaving their profession, but stayed, crediting the workshop for helping them to access personalized self-care tools that really worked.

To see a 2016 survey by the Intentional Creativity Foundation that explores the impact this method has as a tool for transforming trauma into empowerment, including how it’s changing lives within the social work realm, click HERE.



Of course, stressful situations will continue to happen at work after the training.  However, after the Intentional Creativity workshop, you have specific, personally designed tools for self-care and looking at the problem and the solution differently.  And you leave with reminders of the experience, including a painting of your muse-or inner voice & guide—that will continue to be a source of support and guidance to help you get through tough spots.

So YES insist to yourself that you have the time.

Give yourself the gift of self-care.


Take the first step!