Discover What Healing the Healer Trainings Can Do For Your Organization…

Healing compassion fatigue and burn out with Intentional Creativity.


“After taking ‘Healing the Healer’, I have renewed enthusiasm for work, hope in the process, the journey, and the desire to share this energizing, renewing process with others, especially the teens with whom we work.” –T.F., Social Worker and Administrative Manager

Doing the work of healing, supporting children and families in society, and working within organizations that make changes for the better are essential and important parts of our culture and community. You are a vital part of that system. 

As you may have experienced, this deep work can come at the cost of your own health and well-being.

There is a missing element that is not often acknowledged, but needed on a deep level:  Tools and practices to help transform and heal secondary traumatic stress (STS) and its symptoms –like overwhelm, hopelessness, resentment, anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. 

You need to restore and replenish in an experiential way that heals compassion fatigue on cognitive, emotional and nervous system levels, in the same way as trauma recovery work.

Intentional Creativity™ transforms STS on all those levels and allows for the energy, commitment, passion and focus that first brought you to this work to emerge and flow again in your life.

 “Don’t say it, show it!” you may be thinking. You are right!


Images say more than words possibly could and here are the  paintings from various workshops and the inspired, courageous beings who have committed  to making a difference in the world:

I invite you to take a look at this unique and powerful avenue for

Healing the Healer. 

See the potential within to honor your work and heal and replenish so you can continue to do the work that you are passionate about doing for those in need.


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