Healing compassion fatigue and burn out with Intentional Creativity.


“After taking ‘Healing the Healer’, I have renewed enthusiasm for work, hope in the process, the journey, and the desire to share this energizing, renewing process with others, especially the teens with whom we work.” –T.F., Social Worker and Administrative Manager

Doing the work of healing, supporting children and families in society, and working within organizations that make changes for the better are essential and important parts of our culture and community. You are a vital part of that system. 

As you may have experienced, this deep work can come at the cost of your own health and well-being.

There is a missing element that is not often acknowledged, but needed on a deep level:  Tools and practices to help transform and heal secondary traumatic stress (STS) and its symptoms –like overwhelm, hopelessness, resentment, anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. 

You need to restore and replenish in an experiential way that heals compassion fatigue on cognitive, emotional and nervous system levels, in the same way as trauma recovery work.

Intentional Creativity™ transforms STS on all those levels and allows for the energy, commitment, passion and focus that first brought you to this work to emerge and flow again in your life.

Marvelously Meditative Mandala Coloring Book - by Rachel Bavis

 “Don’t say it, show it!” you may be thinking. You are right!


Images say more than words possibly could and here are the  paintings from various workshops and the inspired, courageous beings who have committed  to making a difference in the world:

I invite you to take a look at this unique and powerful avenue for

Healing the Healer. 

See the potential within to honor your work and heal and replenish so you can continue to do the work that you are passionate about doing for those in need.


Return of The Gemmuddles & Other Magical Creatures

The Art-A-Day May challenge to support the Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart this past month rekindled my connection to gemmuddles –my imaginary (or not!), magical friends from my childhood.  When I was two, I would climb into my parents’ bed and animatedly talk about our adventures.  I don’t remember details –my mom told me I would do this –but I feel like they are now reappearing in my art and doodles … little wise creatures whispering to me & creating mischief.  They are still speak in a magical language, so I don’t know exactly what they are saying yet; it’s more a feeling at this point … to play, relax and be in wonder & whimsy.  Oh, yeah.  And to be me.       “Be me.”  Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?  In practice it’s a wee bit harder.  Those creeping “shoulds” and “but look at him/her” creep in with the critic arising strong and fierce. — A lot of people I work with in the Healing the Healer workshops struggle with this…the critic often comes rearing his or her ugly head when we are painting. (It does with me too!)  I like to ask my critic to go to a beautiful place-like Paris to eat chocolate croissants; or to have margaritas somewhere, chillax in the sun & read a good book.  I want to let my inner guide have some time to play without interference and criticism! — Wise guidance from Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Gilbert & other sages help me through the rough patches.  Gilbert beautifully says:  “Creativity itself doesn’t care at all about results – the only thing...

Wonder World

Hello Wonder-Friends:   One of my favorite self-care delights is to soak in a hot tub with bubbles while reading a good book.  And one of my favorite places to soak is in Big Sur — in side-by-side porcelain tubs with my hubby –at one of our favorite hot springs spots.  Recently, a wee bit exhausted and in need of some TLC, I enjoyed a few long hot tub chillaxing sessions while visiting a close friend at our fave place.  We mixed in a few card games, delish food, drinks, and wonderful conversation.   All those things help to relax my whole system, which was a little wound up after a few whirlwind months.  I kept thinking, I’m teaching self-care and healing and I need to –dare I say it?—walk my walk and try to actually embrace self-care myself.  And then Yoda’s voice started ringing in my head, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”  So I did.   “What’s with the whirlwind of activity?“ you may ask (hopefully while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while nestled in a comfy place).  Well, I shall tell you!   I traveled to the east coast to visit my fabulous family and to attend the UN’s 60th Commission on the Status of Women to support panels embracing the power of Intentional Creativity™ and intuitive painting to transform and heal. At one of the panels, visionary artist Shiloh Sophia debuted the Intentional Creativity™ Foundation’s Hoya-Straus Art Education Library.  The library allows people all over the world to access free teaching videos.   My free “Healing the Healer” video gift...

Eccentric Self-Care

Hello wonder-friends!   I want you to know something. In this new and profound journey of healing we’re exploring, I’m writing to you for a very specific reason, and that is: when we connect here, on the social media merry-go-round, or at a workshop – that you find your own unique place of respite, fun, healing, curiosity and inquiry through our conversation.   I’m not here to give you to do lists! I’m hoping to bring new ways to wonder with me about how we can each live best with those to do lists, and to embark on a path together where we find new ways to support the important work YOU are doing in the world!   I want to spark ideas for you. Eccentric ones, even.   Like a few weekends ago, my partner Rocky and I co-hosted an Eccentric Salon & Supper with my art teacher and her chef husband with the theme “When Pigs Fly”.  The food & beverage menus were inspired by our somewhat outlandish holiday hipster cards. People read poetry and sang, mingled with cocktails and enjoyed each others eccentric alter egos amidst the delectable courses created by a very talented chef.  Honestly, our menu was so crazy we never thought it would happen!   Our dreams came true because of good friends and a little prodding from our eccentric and whimsical muses within.     My whimsical muse has gotten me through some very dark and heavy places and into lighter, more playful spaces.    She led me to wonder, whimsy, doodling and woo hoos as they are a counterbalance to the work I do in the...
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